Nurture and Build your list

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Nurture and Build your list - Australia Business Coaching

Nurture and Build your list

Today we offer a very powerful, simple to implement strategy. Nurture and build your list.

This particular element taps into a major leakage we see often, surprisingly even sometimes for business that are fairly advanced. It is the capture/squeeze, a way to build your list and database. The vast majority of visitors (some statistics show 98%) to your site will NEVER come back and some studies show the average time people take to make a decision to shut down is 7 seconds.

Yet most people still ignore the obvious. Nurture and build your list!

If you do not have one in place, it is worth looking into. If you do it is worth it to see how efficient it is and tweak and split test.

Getting a great call to action and capture so you can start the relationship with your cold traffic will make a massive difference, especially if you run a service oriented business. Not: “get 10% to buy my stuff” or “sign up for our newsletter”.

Why is this important and powerful?

Every week we speak to many business owners and we always instantly find some small details that give them immediate returns over and over again. Recently a business owner made an extra $100K of pure profit after we spent just 20 minutes over the phone, and even before becoming a customer. That was another strategy, but the one we covered today can be done very quickly, with virtually no budget and will create a huge difference down the track.

If you want more details on how to get this done reply to us and we will make it our next topic. You will understand how to build your database (=your future profits) without affecting your sales and having a capture that converts like crazy and eventually turns into more sales. We will keep to the basic level for now so the foundations are solid and can create a fast upside.


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