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Lead Generation Ideas
The main idea is to attract people potentially interested in your product or service (suspects), these people will provide you with their details (prospects) and then you can create a database with your leads. Once you have done this you will build a relationship and can address your advertising/offers to them. This strategy will be efficient if the leads are good/qualified; it is preferable to have less good quality leads than many bad leads.

Where can you find leads?
The first leads are your existing clients, include them in a database to make sure you follow up with them and get repeat sales and upsell, cross sell, down sell.

There are many ways to create new leads.
Let’s introduce some ONLINE lead generation ideas. The first online lead generation idea that we will describe is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can either optimise your pages yourself, or these days it can be done for a very reasonable price by specialised companies. We cover these topics in depth in our courses so you do not pay too much fees and/or get no results like a lot of people do, or in case you want to do it yourself so you can master the basics.

Next we will discuss content marketing; it takes more time and effort but is definitely worth it. There are also many providers of content and possibilities of automation. It does not always apply to all industries. Basically, get a blog and write valuable information, people will find it interesting, this will attract people to your blog, and your blog will receive several visits. This will also help with your rankings and SEO. You want to maximise and automate the content as it can be used on a variety of platforms and some sequences can work very effectively and can create leverage and synergies.

Banners, you just have to put a banner ad on another web site, this could cost money, but there are always businesses willing to exchange banners. This can be limited nowadays in terms of potential applications.

A tool to generate leads is social media. Unfortunately most business owners use this the wrong way and spend way too much time for no results on social media. If executed right, it can however yield great results and it is a great tool for engagement, community and relationship building. It is also a very good way to target advertising and to get interactive with your prospects and customers with leverage. However chasing “likes” with no plan, no purpose, and no $ results is not good business practice but is unfortunately a widespread habit.

Youtube and video marketing is another used tool: you upload a video with valuable information, and you give people the opportunity to subscribe to your channel.

You can also arrange nice content webinars where you can advertise your product. These tend to work well in services industries or some B2B areas.

PPC, this stands for pay per click, you only have to put your advertising in places that allow PPC advertising. Same thing could be done with CPA which stands for Cost per Action, this is a better way but harder to negotiate. If you manage to secure this, it means you have a good brand or a great product/offer. You will be pulled out very quickly if you do not convert well into sales so this is a great way to see if you play a good enough game.
PPC in general can be costly but the advantages are that it is immediate and it enables you to control your budget and to really get a feel for the success of your campaigns and customers’ desires.

One can also find leads OFFLINE; there are many ways to do this.

  • local PR and community
  • festival
  • door to door
  • signs on bus stops or in the street
  • leaflets
  • flyers
  • coupons
  • catalogues,
  • newsletter
  • local paper
  • local radio or T.V
  • yellow pages
  • referrals
  • seminars
  • telemarketing
  • joint venture partners
  • free trial
  • article or a book is a great way to advertise yourself
  • and many, many, many more…

During our basic course we give our delegates more than 80 lead generation strategies to choose from to start with, mostly free or low cost. The key is to execute them properly, we also give them the tools and instructions, so they can be efficient and successful and not scattered to effectively create a profitable sustainable flow of leads.

As a conclusion what you want to do is to be clear on your goals first and have your full marketing system in place: pitch, USP, etc. Lead generation will be the front end of your funnel. It is the main missing piece in most businesses that start or struggle to get to the next level and it is a key piece so you can generate the chance to convert a sale.

This must be measured and improved constantly. When we give our customers the lead generation tools, we give them all the ability to know exactly what works or not specifically, so they only have good lead generation strategies and use their cash and time wisely. If you do the right thing it will be a referral and another lead. So treat every lead you have with the attention it deserves. One customer can change your business forever. 

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