What You Need to Look Good Online

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What You Need to Look Good Online

Give Me A Great Online Identity 

Some Criteria you need to look good online: what people will focus on and how can you influence it?

You need to make a great impression online on the first sight. 

First you need to do a search on google and some of the main social media platforms for your business name and anything people who are likely to be searching about your business. Make sure there is nothing there, that is likely to hurt your reputation. Once this is done, you can work on making sure the right information gets displayed about you to your prospects. This can have tremendous impact on your conversions and sales. Get your team to click on all your links and make sure what people see is congruent with your brand. You should be controlling the messages and outcomes about your business.  

Optimise your main social media profiles and secure all the url and names for all major platforms to have one consistent brand. You DO NOT want your competitors marketing your product under your name or something similar on other platforms. Get onto it from the start.

Everything communicates and helps visitors make a decision. Why not influence your prospects to go with you. Imagine losing a $50k customer because of your $5 logo. Is it worth it? No! Check everything and your visuals. A cheap video somewhere which conveys the wrong message can kill everything. Not good for business. 

 You can have less media and pages if you are on a budget but everything must make the right impression. Nowadays you can get outstanding video and graphics for almost nothing and look like a multinational so make use of the opportunity.

 Your look and feel is important. You should refresh and update your content and look like you are active and evolving with the times. If you were to see a website done in 2000 and one done in 2016 they would look very different, right? The old one may not display properly on mobile, and will look like, well, from 2000! Does this hurt your business, you bet! In some industries, it will be less important, but in others it will be a huge let down and cost you a lot of money TO NOT LOOK THE WAY YOU SHOULD ONLINE as it will deter people from doing for business with you and it will send this revenue to your competitor who do things better online.

Authority is critical to building your trust and brand online. What image are you trying to convey? If you’re a smaller business and looking for business to build relationships. The bigger companies are looking for partners that can provide continuity and reliability. They might look for a physical contact address to see a more tangible side. If you don’t have a physical address, then get a virtual office – they are very affordable. If a larger company looks TO only work with established businesses and they see your mobile on your online pages, a gmail address in the contact and so on, you have lost that deal there and then. For one little change that could have cost 5 minutes to address, we could have seen a totally different outcome. You could be a large business too. If you give the wrong impression this is what people will remember.

Trust and Credibility: Go and get all the testimonials, endorsements, awards, media coverage you have. Display them in the right place for maximum impact. 

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