Discover the Laws of Business Super Growth

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Discover the Laws of Business Super Growth

In todays post we want to talk about the Laws of Business Super Growth.

Have you sadly heard that there are people in the world who suffer from malnutrition, and even worse, from starvation? Yet, in other places there are people suffering from obesity and there is so much food waste in other parts of the world.

Although this is obviously not as saddening, it still frustrates me to also see huge imbalances in the world of business. Yes, I am upset about this. We sometimes have to help businesses to get more organised after they reach the point where they cannot even follow up on all the business generated.

Just yesterday we were discussing with companies who want to partner, how their issue was that they had too many leads and it was too much of a hassle to find the right people to deliver and fulfil. Is that a problem you would like to have? How do they do achieve this?

Why is it then that most SMEs struggle to find customers? Why do most businesses still in the growth phase or still new in business come to see us?

First, because it is is critical to always generate new business and repeat sales. Today as I was meeting with a head of a major global retail chain, that also attended some of our events, I could yet again see that successful business never forget the basics and the most essential rule: focus on sales. Simple, but yet forgotten.

Most businesses who really need customers to survive, actually spend most of their time doing everything but getting business. How do you measure this area? Is your team, and yourself as a leader, focusing on sales and value creation?

Second, because they have fears they are not even aware of, that prevent them from taking effective and purposeful action. Mostly driven by the fact that they do not have clarity and knowledge on how to actually have sustainable ways to generate business consistently and profitably.

What we want to do is to help owners avoid wasting money on failed marketing, avoid trial and error and wasted time on figuring it out, when there are set paths to achieve what you want and that many have already followed and proven. Who doesn’t want to experience the massive increases that existing and past customers mention in our testimonials!

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