Are you relying on just one source of leads?

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relying on one source of leads? - australia business coaching - fabrice beillard

Are you relying on just one source of leads?

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After speaking at a major event in Australia over the weekend I was having that conversation about a company who was heavily relying on one source of traffic and leads, in that instance pay per click. As it happens sometimes, the search engine changes things and all of sudden their main supply was cut off. And I have seen this many times before.

In the old days we used to call this phenomenon concentration, when one of your clients was a major part of your revenue stream thus putting you under constant pressure. It is the same in other areas of the business.

How do you prevent this:

– make sure you mitigate by slowly and consistently building more pathways to your ideal customers, ideally some where you control the outcome and cost per acquisition.
– create demand, which is far superior than chasing people, especially as advertising costs always go up, and most industries become more sophisticated and competitive over time.

Watch here:

I explain more about it in the video.

See you for the next one!


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